E-com has changed the way of shopping. It has created many millionaires and billionaire. Including the founders of WebRee Ventures Yash Chaudhary, Parth Wadhwa, Kartikey Mishra. WebRee E-com from the past 10 years is getting bigger and bigger achievements every year. We ensure that your products are getting a proper response and are sold in each online store through our marketing strategy. We are expert in all the four types of E-com. That is Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), Customer to Customer (C2C), Customer to Business (C2B).

Why E-Com makes company Profitable

E-com helps the companies in building the brand image and also increasing the companies profit through large sales. WebRee E-com from last 10 years is increasing the companies profit through its E-com marketing. We have achieved the goal of profit for our customer through the number of sales on various E-com platform including ours. The E-com helps in making your product a brand through its reach globally. The WebRee Ecom allows choosing from a variety of designs for your Ecom. Our designs are made to attract the public and to ensure that there is a high rise in sales.

Why WebRee Ecom?

We have learned various techniques from our every E-com design. Which made us reach each of your customers for your product increasing your trust and confidence in us. WebRee Ecom members have earned praise from the customers for the building and guiding the Ecom store. The following reasons made our customers choose us from our different competitors.

  • Presenting or belonging the product according to the need and demand of the market through the Ecom sites.
  • Our knowledgeable team members and the strategies ensure that the product and the website is presented accurately giving Relevant search results.
  • Our easy return policies have helped your customers get their money back with simple and easy steps.

Types of E-com Businesses:

Business to Business (B2B):-

This type of E-com usually deals with transaction and dealings related to product and services. These types usually occurred within the two companies. It also includes wholesale, manufacturers and retailers. Here is the no presence of the consumer in this type of E-com.

Business to Customers (B2C):-

The B2C type is between the product or service and the consumer. In this type, the company sells the product directly to the customer. In this, the customer orders the product directly from the website. Today we find the variety of products in the online store. From computers to fashion, From grocery to daily need of items. The best examples of such websites are Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and Olx, etc. In this, the consumer has more information about the business. The customer has a lot of content and including the review of the product. It is directly ordered from the websites. Some websites give quick delivery within a day or two.

Customer to Customer (C2C):-

The Customer to customer type is an engagement between both the customers. Which deals between both customers through a third party site. The best example of such type of business is OLx and Quicker. Here both the parties deals and come to a common pint on the payment.

Customer to Business (C2B):-

It's a reverse type of (B2C) In this, the customer sells a product to the companies. The products include the logo design or the freelance developer and writer. These are the customers who sell the product to the companies and make a deal with each other and set the terms and condition.

Types of E-commerce websites:

WebRee Ecom Medical:

The online medical field is growing very fastly. From the last few years, we have observed the great potential in this field and made us enter this field. Within a few periods, we have achieved a lot of success through our wide reach in the international platform. We earned trust through of customer by delivering a large variety of products. We have the medicine which is according to the standards of WHO. We ensure the delivery of variety and products according to the standards and giving a variety amount of discount on your health care and medicine products. Our services help you in notifying the medicine after the end of the month which helps you keep track of medicine.

Our delivery system helps you in tracking about your medicine and also it helps you in taking the medicine through the prescription by sending you alert on your mobile device.

WebRee Ecom Fashion:

The latest trends in fashion are always available at our store. We provide you a large amount of trending dresses on our fashion. We ensure that you get the branded dresses from our site within your budget. The last few years have made us bring the new fashion for you. With changing the market style and changing market trend we bring also change the trend for you. We have made us trusted brand through our websites which easy to handle and with proper feedback, we have ensured that you understand the product. Our easy cash method with lots of discounts have also made us rule the hearts of our customers.

WebRee Sports:

Sports have become a lifestyle in today's world. WebRee sports have established ourself as the trusted site in the field of sports. We have ensured that you get the best quality of sports product and satisfy our test results and become available for you. WebRee sports for you are getting a large number of new products and a new variety of sports products for you.

WebRee Electronics:

Electronics have become a part of the standard of living in this age. WebRee Ecom Electronics has the best service in the field of electronics. We choose the best product from different brands for our customers. We ensure that the product is delivered to you proper way and also we give you services if there is a any of the problems arise to you from our product. We also give the problem solution or we send you the concern companies representative for the repair of your product.

WebRee Software:

Softwares are part of the solution to the very problem. WebRee software ensures that you get the latest and updated software for your desktop. WebRee software from the past few years is providing the latest and updated version of the software. Our master team has handled all the problems arising the software with the proper guidance to our customers.

These are some types of E-com

The WebRee E-com designers are trained to advertise in this field for you and your product or service. We ensure that your design is reached properly to the particular customer. And try to convert the customers to your conversion. So that you can get a profit and an increase in your sales and products.

Advantages of E-com:

There are a lot of advantages to E-com. The internet is ruled by advertising and E-com websites. The E-com websites have gained a lot of popularity from the last few years and they are increasingly and rapidly demand such E-com websites.

  1. E-com helps the product to reach globally.
  2. It helps the sellers and buyers to talk in the virtual world.
  3. It helps the consumer in knowing about the product and getting the review from the customers. It also helps in getting feedback from the customers and letting us know about the performance of the product or service.
  4. E-COM has helped lots of customer and business getting in touch together without any intervention of the third party.
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