Webree consultancy is an endeavour to aid businesses with the right guidance and strategies to create an impact. Our educated and well-experienced consultants gather every bit of information, suggest best practices and see to it that the proposed guidelines are yielding.

Our every effort is dedicated to value creation. If you are thinking of restructuring the business and looking for its long term success, then Webree consultancy is the answer to your query.

We follow a step by step effective consultancy process to ensure every requirement is fulfilled and project completion goes with best of our ability.

Business consultancy process

Step one: Contracting

At first, the consultant and the client’s delegate meet and discuss.This stage is dedicated to identifying the problems the client currently facing. Listening becomes vital at this juncture. Additionally, the consultant could try to gather information about the expected outcomes.

Step two: Identifying and clarifying objectives

During this stage, the consultant helps the client in identifying desired results in terms of increased productivity, increased profits, enhancing public image, changes in working relations among the employees and their superiors. The consultant should also suggest improvements in the products that are being built.

This phase forms a foundation for the consultant to collect relevant data and take appropriate action for upcoming stages. He/she should also invest some time on realising expected barriers in the entire process.

Step three: Data collection


Here, the consultant starts to collect the information on the issues the client has communicated. It includes an analysis of the entire organisation. The data collection typically takes place through various sources such as interviews, questionnaires, observations and pre-existing documents and records.

Step four: Outlining strategies

Based on the data collected in the previous stage, the consultant comes up with a bold set of recommendations and strategies. The consultant presents the finding and strategy report to the client.

Step five: Implementation

Once the goals are finalised, upon the client's wish, the consultant works closely with their firm to work on the changes. The consultant provides new procedures, revamped policies to ensure that the implementation is carried out accurately.

A disciplined manner of work brings forth the desired results for the client. The entire life cycle of the consultation process is captured in a document, and regular follow up is exercised.

Why choose Webree venture's consultancy service?

To perform consultancy services effectively, Webree sees to it that the in house consultants are possessing the following key attributes.

So whenever you’re in the need for consultation service, simply know that a Webree consultant is all you require, as he/she dons the below-listed characteristics.

1. Is a good listener:

First things first, the consultant relies heavily on gathering all the information and listening to all scenarios. He/she executes thorough research before finalising the work approach for the future.

2. Could establish a report with the client:

The consultant can present himself/herself with the maturity and the credibility that the two individuals could strike a connection and openly discuss the shortcomings of the business.

3. Knows how to build a relationship and people skills:

Relationaship & people skills

The consultant has impeccable soft skills to converse effectively and people skills to be able to communicate efficiently and bring results.

4. Is truthful:

Another important aspect of a consulting person is being truthful. He/she is vocal about the realities of clients’ business processes, structure and environment. This ability makes him/her give the best solutions to the customers by being transparent and trustworthy.

5. Efficient in building customer loyalty:

The consultant comes across the clients with superiority, authority and professionalism. He/she creates a sense of mutual understanding and confidence in the client’s mind to start the consultation efficiently and end successfully.

6. Has his/her own style of work:

With all the guidelines and methods in place, the consultant has his/her unique style to carry out the operations. It doesn’t only bring a sense of responsibility but also directly impacts the outcome.

7. Is knowledgeable:


The last however, extremely crucial factor is being knowledgeable in the field of consultation. The consultant is well experienced and knowledgeable to be able to solve your problems and guide you accurately.

These are the main traits of Webree consultancy team. We provide well designed, and curated solutions for all your business needs with excellence infused creativity.

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